Writing And Publishing

Patricia L. Atchison, Author

I believe life is about interaction; with a partner, in solitude, among family and beyond ourselves to that which touches us, makes us feel alive, a part of this world.

Writing is an outlet that lets Patricia L. Atchison touch all forms of interaction, sharing with people ideas of fiction, non fiction, poetry, and journal writing through published works.

Graphics & Printing

Grassland Digital

Grassland Digital has been helping clients in Calgary and surrounding Rural areas with Graphic Design and Printing since 2001.

With over 40 years in the printing industry, our specialty is helping small businesses integrate a complete business solution for their marketing materials.


Wood Lily Publishers

Wood Lily Publishers invites readers of all ages to enjoy books, which educate and entertain. Patricia L. Atchison’s books provide a learning experience, especially when reading at bedtime; her stories keep children begging, “Read it again, please!”.

Patricia’s ‘How-to’ Books provide niche topics valuable to those looking for easy step-by-step guides. Non Fiction and Gratitude Journals are a niche topic for Patricia and she enjoys writing and publishing and sharing her works from the heart.

About Us

Atchison Literature Inc. is a privately held company proudly doing business for over 22 years in Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas of Alberta.

Divisions of our Corporation include:

Grassland Digital ~ Printing, Graphics and Web Hosting
Wood Lily Publishers ~ Publishing non-fiction and children’s books by author, Patricia L. Atchison.

We provide clients services relating to the publishing industry including:
writing, editing, layout, and graphic design; digital and offset printing.